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My Role

Brand Strategy
User Research
UX/UI Design
Visual Design


Toyota: Mobile Find Your Match is an experience that allows users to go window-shopping for a vehicular companion based on algorithms from users selecting certain qualities most important to them and to find the model that fits their needs.


If car hunting is a full-time job, then car hunting overall is an overtime one. Ditch the laborious online marketplace search and get off Craigslist. You can swipe through your new potential car, truck or SUVs options with ease using Toyota “Find Your Match.”

Create an intuitive and fun experience for potential Toyota owners who are unsure which models to choose from. As well as keep users engaged within the content, ultimately collect data and find ways to optimally provide datasets to customers.


I conducted interviews from customers at multiple Toyota dealerships, with family, friends and colleagues to find out about their pain points during the process of the car buying experience. I analyzed the interview results by creating user personas and working alongside a copywriter to come up with potential questions to ask. The research helped us gain insight into the pain points that the users are experiencing and to construct a better solution to their problems. After multiple iterations, we created a mobile application, “Find Your Match,” aiming at helping indecisive customers select a vehicle model that fits their lifestyle.

User Research


OMG! I am so intimidated walking into a car dealership, knowing little about the vehicle I am researching about.

I prefer to research online in the comforts of home and not have to worry about the salesperson  onsite haggling…

…all of my kids are involved in sports and we all love to go on adventurous road trips.

I refuse to be seen in a “soccer dad” type of vehicle!

I need to find better options than having to fuel up at the gas station all the time. 



28 years old
Single with no kids

Attributes, behavior and motivations

Allie gets very emotional about shopping for cars because she get anxiety attacks just the thought talking to a salesperson. Recently, she’s turned to online search to avoid the hassle of stepping foot at a dealership.

Pain points

  • Not interested in high-pressure situations being at the dealership
  • Price haggling


  • First time purchase of a large asset
  • Needs an economical car


45 years old
Married with 4 kids

Attributes, behavior and motivations

Greg is an active father of four kids, ranging in the ages of 3 to 16. He still plays team sports and is always connected with family and friends through the internet and his mobile phone.

Pain points

  • Not enough information regarding fuel economy
  • Guidance and reassurance that brand can
    be trusted


  • Looking for a vehicle with decent fuel economy, smart features, and enough space for his family
  • For daily commuting, picking up kids from sports and weekend getaways


32 years old
Married with 1 child

Attributes, behavior and motivations

Jill is a regional director for a hospital who travels by car 3-5 times each week. She is frustrated by the fact gas prices are soaring and she wants to make a positive impact on the environment.

Pain points

  • Spending too much money and time at gas
  • Not tech savvy, doesn’t like the process of


  • Potentially looking for a hybrid or electric
  • To narrow down her options quickly

Design Solutions

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle Ad
Personality Cards

Design Solutions

Vehicle Cards matched based on personalities