Community Connection App · Research/UX/UI

A responsive web dashboard that connects residents (busy young professionals) who live in the same private community.




2 Months


Market Research · UX Strategy · UX/UI Design · Art Direction · Prototyping


01 · Approach

My task was to design a responsive web dashboard that connects residents that live in the same private community (a building, for example). The target audience is busy young professionals (aged 18-35) who are new to the area. Some of the key functionalities of the platform are to provide an easy way for residents to connect and communicate with each other, book a parking space, stay informed about community events, and complete their basic profile. 

Given the 10-12 hour minimum time limit on this project, I knew I’d have to be methodical and efficient during my discovery phase. I needed to collect and synthesize enough user input and insights to inform the dashboard design while leaving time to refine my final high-fidelity prototypes.

02 · Design Challenge

What is the best design solution to make a connection between community platforms and community apps? 

03 · Pain Points

To further assess these problems, I took a look at relevant data and insights about people and their needs relating to favorite platforms, reasons, and behaviors.

Global overview age demographics: 16-34, 4.65B users.
Main reasons for using social media as of April 2022

  • 47.5% – Keeping in touch with friends and family
  • 26.6% – Filling spare time
  • 13.0% – Reading news & stories
  • 12.9% – Finding content (e.g., articles and videos)

Synthesis: User Persona

Kyle Brown

Creative | Tech Savvy | Introverted 

Age: 28
Location: Orange County, CA
Occupation: Software Developer
Hobbies: Cycling, hiking, karaoke
Status: Single

Pain Points & Concerns

  • Would like to connect with like-minded people but hate the noise to value ratio of social media.
  • Finds it challenging to find a suitable medium to communicate with users. 
  • Finds it increasingly difficult to reach anyone outside of his existing network.
  • Realizes the quality of interactions is getting poorer and less personal.

Goals & Interests

  • Find ways to network and build self-confidence in real-time in a social setting.
  • Wants to promote his services without appearing spammy.
  • Would like to create subgroups or interest groups inside a community for focused discussions.
  • Wants specific features enabled for networking among the members.


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