Dashaan is a Product Designer and User Experience Strategist with decades of practical knowledge across various disciplines – from user experience to branding, visual design, advertising, marketing, print design, and photography. He has worked on national and international brands in-house and at multiple advertising agencies. His creative approach begins with studying human-centered motivations and impulses and how users interact with objects and technology within the project’s scope. He starts by looking at what drives people: What motivates them? How do they interact? What impulses do they have? Using these insights, he develops models, products, and services that satisfy emotions while providing functionality.

As technology progresses, things tend to get more complex. Through design, Dashaan sees a unique opportunity to make these complex processes simple, delightful, and joyfully used daily. Everybody values design, either consciously or unconsciously. The design allows companies to differentiate themselves by showing attention and care to their users.

This is why Dashaan loves creating thoughtful, meaningful, and polished experiences, making the creators and customers happy.

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