Meet Dashaan Tran

Dashaan is a User Experience and Product Designer with years of practical knowledge across a variety of disciplines – from user experience to visual design, advertising, marketing, branding, print design and photography. He has worked on national and international brands, both in-house and at multiple advertising agencies. His creative approach begins with the study of human-centered motivations and impulses, and the way users interact with objects and technology within the scope of the project. He starts by looking at what drives people: What motivates them? How do they interact? What impulses do they have? Using these insights, he develop models, products, and services that satisfy emotions while providing functionality.

As technology progresses, things tend to get more complex. Through design, Dashaan sees a special opportunity to make these complex processes simple, delightful and joy to use every day.

Everybody values design, either consciously or unconsciously. Design allows companies to differentiate themselves by showing attention and care to their users. This is why Dashaan loves creating thoughtful, meaningful and polished experiences, making both the creators and customers happy.

Interesting Soundbites:

  • Dashaan graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in 2001, receiving a B.F.A. with an emphasis in Communication Design.

  • In addition to being a designer, he is also a passionate photographer and artist. Visit his photography/art site here: dvtstudios.com. More importantly, he’s a Pisces.

  • He constantly embraces change for personal and business growth.

  • A $500 scholarship for one of his paintings at his community college started him on the path to a career in design. (Although he loved to paint and draw as a child.)

  • Enjoys watching TED Talks.

  • He prefers reading books over watching television. (He averages just 0.5 – 1 hour of TV a week, mostly documentaries.)

  • Current read: Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

  • Doesn’t listen to mainstream music. (He’s a huge fan of Motown, neo-soul and jazz. He’s also a devoted listener of NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, Soundcloud and A Colors Show.)

  • Loves Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Sade, SiR, Tom Misch, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper and J Dilla, just to name a few.

  • Has been to over fifteen Maxwell concerts. He’s a super fan!

  • Toilet paper must always be rolled over NOT under. (Pet peeve of his.)

  • His wardrobe consists of All Saints, John Varvatos, and Demobaza. (90% of it is black/grey.)

  • His biggest regret is not taking instrument lessons at a young age.

  • Prefers a cozy 1,000 sq. ft. home near the beach or in the mountains over a 10,000+ sq. ft. house in an urban community.

  • He’s a dog person.

  • Well-traveled, but there are so many places he hasn’t been to yet.

  • He plans on riding the Trans-Siberian Railway someday.

  • He’s an avid cyclist. (Yes, he wears Lycra bib shorts.)

  • Is willing to try the 10-day Vipassana Meditation.

  • He was vegan for a year but reverted back to being an omnivore. He thought it was rude to turn down a home-cooked meal because of his dietary needs when traveling to other countries.

  • He likes to people watch at the airport.

  • One day he would like to grow his own food.

  • His favorite color is orange.

  • No matter how busy he is, he always takes brief walks every hour on the hour from sitting at his desk.

Dashaan is currently freelancing but is also open to direct hire. Get in touch.